At work, my three screen set up has attracted a bit of attention. Can’t say its really wanted attention – since I should be working at work, but I can’t help it if my job has random bits of awkward downtime. Either way, one of my co-workers has dubbed one of my work screens “the random screen”. It comes from the fact that I always have what most people would consider really random stuff to be on it. But I always found it to be interesting, and I’m sure somebody else in the world must as well. 

Over the years, I’ve realized that my bookmarked folder had a bunch of random stuff in it, and websites that I found interesting were soon filed away and forgotten. And whenever I switched to a new computer these morsels of awesomeness would be lost. So I decided that they had to be categorized in some way and made possible to be easily accessed. This blog will serve as that medium. 


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